About Us

The Zebrafish Husbandry Association is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and developing zebrafish husbandry standards through education, collaboration, and publication.

ZHA's membership is comprised of a wide range of people interested in zebrafish culture; including research and veterinary professionals, facility managers, technicians, fish culturists, aquaculture engineers, and representatives from various private aquaculture supply and biomedical companies.


Focus on Education

As the leading advocacy group for improving zebrafish husbandry practices, we foster a community of continual learning.  The ZHA actively focuses on continuing education through sharing protocols, peer-review journal articles, webinars, training opportunities , workshops, and conferences.

Develop Community Resources

The ZHA uses the strength of its members to help craft resources that benefit the larger community.  Resources such as the Protocols repository, D.I.Y. Corner, and Facility Tour contact list are all amazing resources that help share knowledge and skills.

Investment in our Members

The ZHA is committed to giving back to our members through several programs.  The Travel Grant Program was launched with the intention of providing direct funding to qualified members for the purpose of traveling to conferences, workshops, and training opportunities.  The ZHA also gives our Vendor Members exclusive opportunities to advertise on our website and in our newsletter.