Meet the Executive Board

The Executive Board manages the day to day operations and long-term strategic planning for the organization.  The Executive Board adheres to the Constitution and Bylaws that govern the organization.  Each position volunteers a two year commitment.  The President-Elect transitions to President in their second year.


Mollie Millington, President

Mollie Millington is the Aquatics Unit Manager at the Francis Crick Institute in London UK.  She received a BA in Marine Biology from Boston University in 2001 and a MSc in Zoo and Aquarium Management from Michigan State University in 2008.  Mollie holds the Institute for Animal Technology level 2 diploma and is currently enrolled in Level 3 for completion in 2020.  Having always enjoyed working with aquatics species, Mollie has been fortunate enough to work in both public (New England Aquarium, Alaska SeaLife Center, and Mystic Aquarium) and academia aquaria (Marine Biological Laboratory, Queen Mary University of London, National Institute for Medical Research, Francis Crick Institute) during her career. In October 2019, she won an award with her colleagues for her 3Rs work in establishing a system to use lidocaine pre- and post-fin clipping that did not impact the scientists' research.  She has also co-authored several papers using zebrafish as animal models and a methodology for environmental screening zebrafish systems for pathogens.  In September 2019, Mollie helped organize the very first Zebrafish Husbandry Association (ZHA) UK branch meeting in London and hopes to continue to strengthen communication between zebrafish technicians globally in order to share valuable information and understanding during her term as President-Elect.

Archer- shark tagging

Christine Archer, President-Elect

Christine Archer is the Zebrafish Facility Manager at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She received a BSc in Biology from the University of Ottawa in 2007, and then attended Algonquin College to attend their veterinary technology program, becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2009. Christine has been interested in aquatic animals from a young age, having been a hobbyist aquarist since the age of 10. She jumped at the chance to start working with aquatic animals in a laboratory context in 2012, after several years working with rodents in research. Christine helped to run the University of Ottawa’s aquatics facility, housing many fresh, brackish, and saltwater species. She worked most closely with the zebrafish facility, working to improve colony management and facility operations. Christine is an advocate for improving the health monitoring and management of zebrafish in research, having found herself in a unique role merging animal health and aquatics husbandry. She has previously lectured to veterinary technology students and lab animal technicians alike, and wants to help ensure that institutional animal care departments improve their knowledge base and expertise regarding their management and care of aquatic animals. Christine has previously served for several years on the Board of one of the largest credentialed veterinary technician associations in North America, and has been involved with updating federal animal use guidelines for zebrafish and reptiles in Canada.


Vice President - Vacant

This position is currently vacant


Haley Engle, Treasurer

Haley Engle is the Aquatics Supervisor at the Northwestern University Center for Comparative Medicine. She received a B.S. in Biology from the University of Oregon, and was introduced to zebrafish as a student research assistant in the Westerfield lab there. At UofO, she gained essential experience and fell in love with the fish and the unique community of zebrafish investigators and husbandry experts. Over the past twelve years, she has participated in zebrafish research as member of the De Jong lab at the University of Chicago and the Tamplin lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently supervises fish husbandry and facility operations at Northwestern University’s Simpson-Querrey zebrafish facility. She is interested in working to improve zebrafish husbandry standards and expand knowledge of what constitutes an optimal living environment for research zebrafish. She believes that zebrafish have amazing potential as a model organism, and are a wonderful species with their own special kind of charisma. During her time outside the fish facility, she plays violin as part of the Northwestern Medical Orchestra and during non-pandemic years, she race bikes with the Chicago area Half Acre Cycling team. As a member of the ZHA executive board, she hopes to contribute to the development of essential resources for the zebrafish husbandry and research communities.

Joana Monteiro_photo

Joana Monteiro, Secretary

Joana Monteiro is the Fish Platform Manager at Champalimaud Foundation, in Lisbon, Portugal. She received her bachelor in Marine Biology from the University of Algarve, and her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Lisbon, with 1st class honours. Overall, she has over 13 years of experience working with zebrafish, including 8 years of zebrafish -based research at the Gulbenkian Science Institute and 3.5 years as a senior technician at the Champalimaud Foundation Fish Platform, where she consolidated practical expertise in operating centralized life support recirculating systems, zebrafish husbandry and welfare, and transgenics generation. Since 2019, as the Fish Platform Manager, she oversees a team of 6 dedicated technicians. She coordinates the aquaculture activities for 3 fish species and scientific services provided by the Platform staff. These include a colony management programme for more than 200 zebrafish strains, generation of transgenic and mutant lines, assisted reproduction techniques, optimization of husbandry protocols for different fish species. Joana has been an active scientist throughout her career, with published work on zebrafish husbandry, welfare, CRISPR/Cas gene editing, and regeneration. She is a member of the Animal Welfare Body (ORBEA) at Champalimaud Foundation, a teacher at courses on Laboratory Animal Science for more than 10 years, and an invited lecturer at several Masters degree courses.

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Nominations for open Executive Board seats start in the Fall with elections following shortly thereafter.  Email if you wish to nominate yourself or another member.  Nominations and voting are reserved for ZHA members in good standing.