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Aquaneering is an internationally recognized leader of aquatic housing for zebrafish, Xenopus frogs, and other aquatic species used in medical research, as well as the manufacturer of the largest zebrafish systems in the world.  Aquaneering offers unmatched knowledge of highly advanced filtration technologies pioneered within the aquaculture industry, notably our no-maintenance filters that assure undetectable levels of ammonia and nitrites.

For information contact us at info@aquaneering.com or 1-858-578-2028

Visit our website http://aquaneering.com/

Situated at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, Bionomous is a start-up developing and commercializing devices to automate processes in biology and biotechnology.

We combine innovative micro-engineering design and machine learning methods to develop devices that automatically screen, count, sort and dispense miniature biological entities.

Our technology is specialized in sorting zebrafish (Danio rerio) eggs. The EggSorter has been designed to offer a portable and easy to use solution for laboratories working intensively with zebrafish embryos or other similar model organisms.

Different classification algorithms are embedded in the device to recognize different configurations of zebrafish eggs, such as morphology features or the presence of biomarkers. Once processed, all the samples can be dispensed into Falcon tubes, Petri dishes and 96-Multiwell plates.

Our aim is to bring automation to the laboratories to accelerate research in fields such as genetics, toxicology, development, behavioral biology, and non-clinical studies.

Danio Lab provides consumables, housing, services and software for the Zebrafish research community worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in developing solutions for Zebrafish husbandry, Danio Lab understands the needs of animal husbandry experts, scientists starting their very first lab and complex core facilities requiring sophisticated design.

Contact us to see how we can help accelerate your research. Our attention to detail and superior customer service guarantees your research continues seamlessly.

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hello@daniolab.com or +1.617.982.3151

At IDEXX BioAnalytics we are dedicated to supporting your research needs by providing fast, accurate and reliable results—along with expert consultation you can access directly for even greater insight. IDEXX BioAnalytics has developed sensitive and specific molecular diagnostic assays to improve health monitoring for zebrafish colonies. These molecular panels, along with histopathology and microbiology, provide laboratory animal veterinarians, facility managers and investigators with the tools to design and optimize health monitoring programs. Our ever-expanding portfolio, ongoing research on emerging infectious agents, and expertise in aquatic species make IDEXX BioAnalytics the ideal partner for your diagnostic needs.

Iwaki Aquatic was established as a division of Iwaki America in 2016 to support the aquatic research community. Iwaki Aquatic’s mission is to build quality aquatic systems that are extremely reliable and easy to both use and maintain.

Our 60+ years of experience in designing and building controllers and pumps for global water treatment applications, position us as the leader in technology and value.

Our aquatic team includes aquaculture specialists, biologists, engineers and service experts with years of experience supporting zebrafish research systems.

Whether you are looking for a bench‐top, stand‐alone, double stand‐alone, small multi‐rack, or huge multi‐rack system… we have the solutions. We work with you to design your ideal aquatic lab from start to finish. Our knowledgeable service team is here to support you during and after the installation. Our life support controllers with a free cloud‐ based software allow you to view and adjust your system from anywhere in the world via a computer or smart device.

With our automated feeding system due to release at the end of 2021 and many other exciting products in development be on the lookout for new offerings from Iwaki Aquatic to support your zebrafish research and general aquatic research needs.

Check out our new LAbREED stand‐alone system and zebrafish tank family at www.iwakiaquatic.com. Look for the new Bench‐Top version next. Visit our new on‐line store with a growing inventory of parts you use every day at www.shopiwakiaquatic.com

Skretting is a world leader in nutritional, innovative and sustainable solutions for fish and shrimp, with operating companies on five continents. We deliver outstanding fish feed and services worldwide for the sustainable production of healthy and delicious fish.

Our GEMMA Micro diets are a unique, patented diet that offers nutrition for every life stage of Zebrafish. It is made in France and shipped to our warehouse in Maine, USA for distribution throughout North America. Cutting-edge research and development at Skretting’s Aquaculture Research Center (ARC) ensures that we can continuously develop the best quality feeds for our customers. The internationally-accredited ARC laboratory analyzes the results for all of our product trials. Our local units conduct precise measurements of our feed’s nutritional value with the help of near-infrared reflectance calibrations (NIR).

Tecniplast is a total solution provider of products and services for zebrafish labs of any size. From breeding tanks to small or large housing systems, dedicated washing, automated feeding, customized life support, and more.

Our in-house facility design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver quality and efficiency to any-size project, whether it is a renovation, expansion, or a brand-new facility.

Tecniplast products targeting simplified, safer husbandry procedures include:

  • Stand-Alone Housing System, ZebTec – Overall novel technology. Designed to reduce manual maintenance and enhance water quality promoting animal welfare.
  • Dedicated Cabinet Washer, Calypso – A high-efficiency washing system removes algae and biofilm without pre-soaking or manual scrubbing. Small footprint fits any size lab. Easy install. Reduced water and utility consumption.
  • Breeding tanks and systems – We have the widest selection of breeding tanks and systems in the market, including the innovative Slope Tank and the Z-Park “on-the-rack” breeding system.
  • Automated Feeding System, Tritone – A programable system to feed the fish based on your research needs and schedule. Clean and accurate.
  • In-house capabilities – Whether it is a building renovation, expansion, or a brand-new facility, we can fully assist you with the project you have in mind.

Other services include project management, product engineering and manufacturing, product training, and technical service and support.

For information, contact Lance Squires at lquires@tecniplastusa.com

Visit our website www.aquaticsolutionsusa.com

SPAROS is a science and technology-driven company specialized in fish nutrition.

One of its most successful products is ZEBRAFEED: a standard diet for zebrafish.

ZEBRAFEED allies the latest scientific knowledge on the nutritional requirements of zebrafish with
state-of-the art microdiet production technologies, ensuring high welfare standards and a low impact on water quality.

Main features include constant nutritional, composition, balanced profile for the entire life cycle, live-feed replacement and excellent breeding performance.

SPAROS also produces CUSTOMISED DIETS for biomedical research, including: controlled changes of specific nutrients (e.g. high-fat, high cholesterol, western diets), diets with purified ingredients and feed tagging with fluorescent markers.

Visit our website: https://www.sparos.pt/
Contact us: zebrafeed@sparos.pt

InVivo Biosystems is a zebrafish CRO that offers multiple gene-editing services using CRISPR and Tol2 methods. Our services can significantly reduce your experiment design time and can be tailored to different experimental requirements.
We offer a variety of service packages including fast, affordable Injection Mix to the comprehensive Full Build service to accommodate your level of expertise and budget. Types of edits include:
Knock-in SDM
Knock-in Tagging
Floxed Gene
Tol2 Transgenesis