Working Groups


The Zebrafish Husbandry Association's board of directors is seeking members interested in leading or participating in a Working Group.  The goal of ZHA's Working Groups is to use a collaborative effort to carry out a formal scientific study to address issues related to zebrafish husbandry or basic biological questions related to zebrafish.

A collective group of people wishing to lead a study will be responsible for developing an experimental protocol that attempts to answer a basic zebrafish husbandry topic.  These include, but are not limited to, the study of:

1. Larval Rearing
2. Reproduction and Spawning
3. Nutrition
4. Water Quality
5. Health Managementt
6. Welfare and Behavior

If you are interested in creating a new working group please send an email to with the information listed below.

1. Name and institution.
2. The area of zebrafish husbandry that the working group will focus on.
3. A brief outline or description of the experiment.

NOTE: Your email will serve as an application, which will be reviewed by the ZHA board for suitability.  Once accepted, you will be notified and we will post the details of the new Working Group on the ZHA website.



"The Effect of Stocking Densities on Reproductive Performance in Laboratory Zebrafish"

Lead by Daniel Castranova and a team including: Angela Lawton, Christian Lawrence, Diana P. Baumann, Jason Best, Jordi Coscolla, Amy Doherty, Juan Ramos, Jenna Hakkesteeg, Chongmin Wang, Carole Wilson, James Malley, and Brant M. Weinstein.

This study became ZHA's first working group project to be accepted for publication.  We are incredibly proud of their efforts and hope other working groups come together and follow in their footsteps!