Call for volunteers

If you were able to watch the annual general meeting (a recording is available for members on our Vimeo channel), you saw that we are looking for volunteers. Having more people build the ZHA will help strengthen our community and get our mission out there. Here are some of the roles we are looking to fill. If you have a different skill set not listed below that you think would be valuable to the ZHA, please get in touch via email:

  1. Web design help (1 hour per week)- We need someone to update the events calendar, share job postings and add webinar recordings to our Vimeo channel.
  2. Write a blog post- Tell us about your facility, any trials you are running, how you train your team, or anything else to share.
  3. Contribute to our image library- We are looking for photos of your technicians, facilities, microscopes and fish. Please check with your department and the people in the photos that they are happy to have their images shared on our website and social media.
  4. Audit content on the website- We have resources dated from as early as 2014. It would be wonderful to review what is available and update as needed. Many of these are power point slide presentations from previous meetings and presentations.
  5. Host a webinar- We have slots available for September, October and November. Presenter can chose day/time that suits them for their presentation. If you would like to volunteer or have a suggested topic/speaker, please let us know with this link.
  6. Represent the ZHA at meetings/conferences- We have our fingers crossed that in-person meetings will resume too. Even if they are virtual, you can spend time at our booth and be an ambassador for the ZHA while collecting emails of prospective members.
  7. Community outreach to recruit fish technicians- We have a 15 minute presentation you can personalize and then share to high school and college students, letting them know about scientific aquaculture. Let us know where you recruit technicians from and/or if you would like to give the presentation here.
  8. Graphic design skills (1 hour/week)- Do you know how to use Canva? If so, we would love to have you design some unique graphics for our website and social media.
  9. Translation of zebrafish basics – We now have this document in 20 languages. If you are able to offer translation assistance for this document or transcriptions of our webinars, we would appreciate your help making our resources available to a global audience.
  10. E-board nominations in October- Feel free to help steer the ZHA into 2022 by running for President Elect or Vice President in October.
    If any of these positions sound appealing to you, please email with “volunteer” in the subject line and let us know how you would like to help.

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