Nominations for 2022 ZHA E-Board are now open

The current executive board is excited to announce that general elections will be happening in the fall.  As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on our community to keep us going.  We have two posts opening in 2022 (more info below) and hope you consider taking a leadership position with the Zebrafish Husbandry Association.

What seats will be open for election this year?President Elect (2 yr commitment, 2nd year converts to President)Vice President (2 yr term)

The 2021 President Elect is currently Christine Archer, and she will assume the position of Zebrafish Husbandry Association (ZHA) President for 2022.

What do the roles entail? The President (former president elect) shall: Preside at all meetings; Chair the Executive Board; Make appointments and reservations; Serve as the primary contact person for the organization; and, Advise the President-elect for future installment.

The President-elect shall: Assume the duties of the President if the latter is unable to act; Chair the Executive Board as President in the 2nd term year;Chair the position to administer all operations, committees, and surveys; and, Serve on the Executive Board.

The Vice-President shall: Assume the duties of the President and the President-elect if the latter is unable to act; Chair the position to oversee all educational webinars, and act as chief point of contact for AALAS affiliate membership.

How do nominations work? Anyone can nominate, self nominate, or be nominated for office, but to vote or hold office you have to be a member in good standing.  This means you have to be either a dues paying member or someone who has had their dues paid for by their organization (school, institution, company, etc).  Persons nominated who choose to run must be in good standing by paying their membership dues, or having their membership paid for.  Otherwise you will not be included in the voting ballot.   We encourage you to check when your membership is due for renewal to avoid missing out in the election. Please submit your nominations via email to  We look forward to receiving your nominations and hope that all members participate in this year’s ZHA elections.

Election Timeline

  • September 1st-30th: nominations accepted by ZHA members. Deadline: September 30th.
  • October 1st-15th: affirmation from those nominated. Deadline: October 15th.
  • October 1st-22nd: bios from individuals nominated. Deadline October 22nd.
  • October 25th-November 4th: ballots are accepted. Deadline: November 4th.
  • November 5th: Winners contacted.
  • November 8th: Winners publicly announced.

Good luck to everyone who is nominated!

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