The 2022 T-shirt contest is here!

Our annual fundraiser has returned! Every year, the ZHA t-shirt design contest draws on the immense talent of our members to design a t-shirt for the membership (and even non-members!) to buy. The proceeds from the t-shirt sales go directly to our Advancement Fund program, which provides small grants to the membership to advance their work with zebrafish.

The t-shirt design submission window is now open! From April 1st 2022 through April 30th 2022. Submit your designs to

T-shirt designs from our members will then be voted on in May, also by our membership!

The winning submission gets a free t-shirt of their choosing, and we anticipate the t-shirt shop will be open for online purchases in June and July.

Questions? Email

Looking forward to your submissions!

Terms: At this time, ZHA is only accepting submissions from members in good standing. Member who has their design chosen agrees to allow ZHA to use their design for the t-shirt fundraiser program. ZHA will ask permission for any other potential uses of the image. ZHA reserves the right to not accept submissions if they are outside of the scope of the fundraiser or the image is deemed to complex for the t-shirt producer to create.

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