The submission period for the 2021 Zebrafish Advancement Fund (Zebrafish AF) opens soon!

In July, the Zebrafish AF will open to ZHA members. Below, you’ll find more information and the details for submitting a request:

The Zebrafish Advancement Fund was created to provide funds for ZHA members who may want to pursue a specialist designation, take an aquaculture or zebrafish related course, attend a conference, transition to a new aspect of the field, or for ZHA members that require monetary support to engage in new initiatives related to the zebrafish husbandry team. Applications will need to show how the funds will enhance the skills, goals, or career development of the ZHA member while benefiting the zebrafish husbandry community and supporting the goals of the ZHA. All submissions are anonymized by a volunteer and submitted to the selection committee to review and select.

Submissions require: Documentation of costs, a short letter (500 words or less) explaining the need, and 2 professional reference contacts.

Submissions open: July 1st

Submissions due by: July 31st

Successful candidates notified by:  Email

Number of submissions selected/year:  up to $4000 total

Award amount ($) per submission: up to $500


What happened to the travel grant?

The Zebrafish AF replaces the travel grant. It allows members to get some funding for a wider variety of opportunities, both online and offline.

Who is eligible to receive funds?

Members of ZHA in good standing who are not vendors or current e-board members. 

Who can the reference contacts be from?

Professional and educational sources only, no family/friends.

Will you contact my references?

Only if absolutely necessary to verify information in the submission.

Do I have to submit a report or presentation after I have completed my experience?

Yes, a minimum of a blog post for the ZHA website is required. Other valid submissions include a vlog, a presentation online or at the annual husbandry meeting, poster or an article published in a magazine or online.

What if exact costs are not yet available?

The e-board understands that the exact costs may not be available when submitting for the Z AF. Therefore, you should try your best to get an accurate estimate which may require research on your part.  For example, if you are attending a conference requiring an overnight stay, you could include the cost for last year’s conference and an estimate for a night’s stay at a local hotel.

When do I get my funds?

The Z AF is a reimbursement program. You’ll receive the funds you are entitled to once you submit the appropriate documentation (paid invoices, receipts, etc.) as well as a draft of your blog post/article/presentation/other submission for ZHA to share about your experience.

How often can I apply?

Winners: every 2 years (if you win one year, you must wait a year to apply for another AF grant). Non-winners: yearly.

To send in your submission, email

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