Constitutions and Bylaws

Section I. Name and Objectives
The name of this organization shall be the Zebrafish Husbandry Association, hereinafter referred to as ZHA
ZHA is incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a nonprofit organization.
The objectives of the organization are as follows:
To promote and develop zebrafish husbandry standards through education, collaboration and publication
To promote professional development through social and educational functions
To sponsor and to provide educational and training programs for members and others for care, handling and research of zebrafish.

Section II. Membership
The members of the organization are any person interested in the care, well-being, management and use of zebrafish as models for scientific investigation.
Membership shall be Individual, Institutional, Vendor, or Partner. All dues will be set and amended by the Board of Directors (majority vote) and published for the membership’s viewing. Dues may be changed from time to time, and any changes will be reflected in the members’ dues for the next year covered by said dues.

Section III. Meetings and Voting
The organization shall meet quarterly, at a minimum. The executive Board sets the time and place of all meetings of the organization.
In an emergency, the Executive Board may cancel or change the place of any meeting. The President may also call an emergency meeting for the Executive Board at his/her discretion.
One third of the members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of formal organizational matters as determined by the Executive Board or requested by a majority rule of all members in good standing.
Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws of this organization, meetings are conducted according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.
Decisions at meetings of the organization are by simple majority vote of members voting, except two-thirds majorities are required to amend Bylaws.
The privilege of voting shall be vested only in active members whose dues have been currently paid and honorary members.

Section IV. Executive Board
The organizations officers: President, President-elect, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and any Members at Large are elected for a two-year term. These officers constitute the Executive Board. A President-elect shall be elected each year and serve as President during the second term year. The Vice-President and Secretary shall begin their terms on odd years, the Treasurer’s term shall begin on even years.
The elected officers are elected at the second to last meeting of the fiscal year. They are installed at the last meeting of the fiscal year. Officers may be elected for successive terms.
If an elected officer cannot complete the term of the office, the Executive Board may appoint a qualified replacement to serve out the unexpired term.
Members of the Executive Board may be asked to step down from their position if he/she is not performing at an acceptable level.
In the event of cancellation of the second to last meeting on the fiscal year, the officers shall continue to serve until the next scheduled meeting at which elections may be held.
The Executive Board shall have general control over the affairs of ZHA. It shall determine policy, administer finances, and decide the annual dues to be paid by the membership.
All officers are responsible for coordinating and attending meetings and events.

Section V. Duties of the Executive Board
The President shall:
Preside at all meetings;
Chair the Executive Board;
Make appointments and reservations;
Serve as the primary contact person for the organization;
Advise the President-elect for future installment.
The President-elect shall:
Assume the duties of the President if the latter is unable to act;
Chair the Executive Board as President in the 2nd term year;
Chair the position to administer all operations, committees and surveys; and,
Serve on the Executive Board
The Vice-President shall:
Assume the duties of the President and the President-elect if the latter is unable to act;
Chair the position to oversee all education and social events; and,
Serve on the Executive Board.
The Secretary shall:
Assume the duties of the President, President-Elect, and Vice-President, if the latter is unable to act;
Keep the official records of the organization;
Submit minutes of the organization’s meetings to the members; and,
Serve on the Executive Board.
The Treasurer shall:
Assume the duties of the President, President-elect, Vice-President, and Secretary if the latter is unable to act;
Formulate an official annual budget which is voted on to be instituted by the members of the organization/
Collect and be custodian of any funds which may be allotted to the organization;
Disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Board; and,
Serve on the Executive Board.

Section VI. Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws
An amendment to the Bylaws may be proposed by the four members of the Executive Board or by at least 2/3 of the active members and shall be filed in writing with the secretary. The proposed amendment shall be considered at the next scheduled meeting of the Executive Board. If approved by a majority of the members present and voting, a copy of the document shall be sent by the secretary to each active member together with a letter ballot and an abstract of the discussion. An amendment shall be considered adopted if it receives an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members voting, provided that at least one-third of the entire active membership shall vote on the issue. An amendment shall become effective immediately upon its adoption.

This Constitution and Bylaws will go into effect immediately upon ratification of the members in a majority vote.