Upcoming ZHA Events

March 19th 2021 4PM UTC+0 Humane Killing Online Webinar
April 23rd 2021 4PM BST (UTC+1) Common flaws in study design and how to avoid them by Nikki Osbourne Online Webinar
21st May 2021 10AM EST Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! What zebrafish can tell us about exercise-induced changes in the brain and cognition - Cairsty DePasquale, Ph.D. Online Webinar
11th June 2021 11AM EST Comparison of Juvenile Feed Protocols on Growth and Spawning in Zebrafish - Stephen Frederickson, B.S, RLATG Online Webinar
December TBC TBC Setting up a new facility- seeding systems, animal transport, rederivation TBC

Other events

March 16th 2021 4PM UTC+0 So you want to be a fish technician? Online | IAT Congress
May 11 2021 to Sep 06, 2021 TBC UTC/GMT -5 OVPRED 500 - Zebrafish Husbandry Education Online Course Online Course
June 4, 7, 11 & 18, 2021 - GMT-5 Canadian Association of Animal Laboratory Science (CALAS/ACSAL) Virtual Symposium
June 16 - 22 2021 TBC TBC 16th International Zebrafish Conference (IZFC) Virtual Meeting
Monthly TBC TBC Then & Now, A Monthly Series, Presented by Aquaneering Online Webinar
2 years - Starts in September 2021 TBC CET M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science Online-seminars + attendance blocks (Aachen, Germany)
June 13-16 2022 TBC CET 15th FELASA congress - "Communication in Animal Research" Marseille, France