ZHA List Serve

The ZHA has launched zha@lists.zhaonline.org which is designed to foster communication among our growing member base.  Any active member can post and respond to the Mail List which gets delivered to the inbox of every ZHA member.  It is designed to be a tool that can quickly garner advice from your peers, answer questions, and make announcements about exciting community events.


- this list serves the main purpose of sharing with all members announcements of job opportunities/meetings and opening discussions on a specific issue, problem, protocol, or getting advice for troubleshooting
- the subject of the email should clearly state the email topic (e.g. job opportunity, water pH, etc). Different topics should not start being discussed in the same thread of emails of a prior subject. This is extremely important because all messages will be archived and all threads can be later searchable by subject.
- the list should not be used for direct marketing purposes by companies. However, products can of course be the subject of a constructive discussion
- any kind of profanity, obscenity, inappropriate language or disrespect will not be tolerated and members will be immediately unsubscribed from the list by the moderator
To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the ZHA Archives. (The current archive is only available to the list members.)

If you are interested in subscribing or unsubscribing from this list, please follow the link below to access the GNU Mailman portal.